Blue Ridge Marathon, 2016


2nd time doing this thing, I had so much unfinished business from last year. See that short post for my rant. Things were much different this year including:

  • I did not train a longer distance than 9 miles (lol whoops), versus the 20 miles last year
  • I brought all the gels
  • It was a lot cooler, about 48°F at the start, and finishing around 60, full sun though
  • I did not get to train on the same mountains as I moved to Wisconsin from Virginia

Other than that, I took my sweet time. This is when I started having my foot issues where my foot is falling asleep essentially (as of April 2017, I have not solved this problem) around 2.5-3 miles into runs. I took selfies and pictures galore. I ended up with a time of 5 hours and 26 minutes.

So here is a short gallery of stuff I took and a video of the finish!

Video Finishing the BRM in 2016! Click here.