Capitol View Sprint Triathlon

My very first triathlon ever!


Finished my first triathlon! What a race. No panic, but I think I fared well (except for the swimming). Headed out and the water was warm, air temperatures were in the 60s though and was chilly. The swim was a lot shorter than expected. Heading out of the water, it was muddy, about 6″ at least you sank down into and was weird. I hit a few rocks but no weeds. Water was calm and I kept hitting the girl in front of me (sorry!). Finished in 6:34.


Onto transition one, it was a long way from the beach to the bikes. I have no idea where they start timing the transition but I ran to my bike. Found it easily, downed some nuun and put on shoes and helmet. Sunglasses were too much but oh well. T1 was 3:31. Clouds rolled in. Put on shirt and bib belt. Ran out to mount and started biking. It was fast. There was this one hill where I had to pump up it but it was fine. Flat and fast parts I hit a top speed of 32 mph…my fastest haha. Everyone on the Olympic course was now being told to do the sprint with the danger of lightening nearing and even darker clouds. Coming back along the flat plain, you could see the lightening in the distance and hear the thunder. I was a little cautious (too) heading into transition 2, and my pace fell. Finished with the bike in 40:26. Transition 2 came and I put my bike away and just ran out to the run course. T2 was 1:24.